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Sign up for parish directory portraits each weekend after Mass.   Family portraits and special portraits can be taken.  Portrait days scheduled for 3 weeks in September.  Each participating family gets a free parish directory.  See link below for portrait dates. 

Family Picture Sign Up Days     You can sign up to have your photo taken at any church,  but sign-up sheets for each church are only at that church. (Otherwise, we might get sign-up time conflicts). 
     Please call the office (924-7104) if you'd like to sign up at a different church than where you attend--we can see what's available and write you in.  You can also sign up online on weekdays, by clicking the church of your choice below. (This will be unavailable on weekends.) Portrait dates & times flyer. 

  St Agnes, Pittsfield  Thurs-Sat, Sept 22, 23, 24
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